The Academy for A Course in Miracles

Our Mission:


The “Academy for A Course in Miracles”, (AEKIW), based in Rosenheim, Bavaria is dedicated to supporting modern students with a unique and effective spiritual education. This is accomplished through a teaching institute offering classes, workshops and seminars. These activities are focused on A Course in Miracles, supplemented by insights from philosophy, psychology and metaphysics. It is in honor of Plato and other classical Greek philosophers that we envision our organization as an “Academy”: a place where people come together to learn from each other and incorporate what they've leaned into their individual lives. 

A Course in Miracles, which offers a way to a peaceful view of the world and therefore a happy existence, was first published by the “Foundation for Inner Peace” in 1975. In the spirit of Dr. Kenneth Wapnick, founder of the “Foundation For A Course in Miracles,” our organization aspires to contribute to a deeper understanding of the Course, a modern masterpiece of philosophical and spiritual wisdom.