Evening Study Groups


Our evening study groups are the foundation of our work. Currently they are scheduled on Thursday evenings (7 pm), with the exception of Christmas, as well as a summer break in August.


Classes are open to anyone who is interested. Topics from the Course are introduced and discussed, using selected passages from the Course, and connecting the material to practical application in daily life. The meetings are generally informal and friendly; thus, visitors are always welcome to share thoughts and ask questions. The three of us facilitate the meetings in turn, both faculty and topic being announced a few days in advance on our website. Classes last about 90 minutes.


Admission is 10 €. Recurring visitors can purchase multiple entrance tickets for 10 sessions at the cost of 80 €. Our regular attendees have the option of booking the whole year for 256 € with at least 40 sessions being guaranteed.


The unemployed as well as young people who still are in school or training pay 5 € per meeting. First visitors are welcome free of charge, but are advised to contact us in advance for information regarding possible changes in time or venue.

On the first Thursday of each month we offer an introduction in which basic Course concepts and general Course-related themes are addressed, the aim being to provide a smoother entry for those who are new to A Course in Miracles. More seasoned students are always welcome to come and enjoy a reminder of Course basics.

In case a meeting has to be cancelled this will be announced on our website.

Sobald der Termin für die nächste Veranstaltung feststeht, werden wir diesen hier bekannt geben.