From the depth of our hearts we would like to thank:

In the United States:


- Dr. Kenneth and Gloria Wapnick of the Foundation for A Course in Miracles for many unforgettable and at times extraordinarily humorous moments. Their words of wisdom, in both personal conversations and written correspondence, echo on in our minds. Ken’s brilliant way of teaching, in both word and writing will be an ongoing inspiration for our own work.


- Judy Skutch-Whitson, Dr. William “Whit” Whitson and Tamara Morgan of the Foundation for Inner Peace for their recurring cordial hospitality, their motivating presence, as well as unforgettable bon mots from the early days of the Course. Deborah Roberts and Emmanuelle Rosenthal for helping us with the English part of our site.


- Robert (“Bob”) and Kathy Draper of the “Westcoast Branch” for generous support, words of wisdom and enriching talks.


- Everyone on staff at the “Foundation for A Course in Miracles” in Temecula, California, for their patience and helpfulness bestowed upon us, (in one case for almost a full year.)

In Germany:


- Greuthof-Verlag for publishing the German translation and therefore contributing to the dissemination of A Course in Miracles.

- Margarete Randow-Tesch for her tremendous achievement in translating the Course into German; for her amiable and brilliant way of teaching it; and not least, for her very helpful and encouraging words in personal conversations.

- Sandra Engler for creating our logo as well as for her gracious generosity.