About “The Academy for A Course in Miracles”:

“The Academy for A Course in Miracles” was founded in 2014 by Andrea Hitzl, Florian Brucker and Andi Wagner, with the express purpose of providing German speaking Course students with a unique learning opportunity: to study A Course in Miracles as it was taught at the “Foundation for A Course in Miracles” in Southern California. We are dedicated to carrying the message of A Course in Miracles in the spirit and style of those people who were originally responsible for its publication and dissemination.


The creation of the organization was inspired by our experiences with Ken Wapnick, teacher and founder of “The Foundation for A Course in Miracles”; Judy Skutch-Whitson, founder of the “Foundation For Inner Peace,” the authorized publisher of A Course in Miracles; and Bob Draper of the “West Coast Branch” who encouraged us with his support and teaching.